Vehicle Ignition Repair

Our mobile auto technicians are available day & night to diagnose, repair or replace your vehicle's ignition cylinder. Broken key, stuck ignition, or just won't start? Call now and we can be at your location in Gilbert, AZ or schedule a time and location that best fits your schedule.

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Change ignition lock on your car

Need to change or replace the ignition lock cylinder on your car? Our technicians are available day & night and can be at your location in Gilbert, AZ and throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area! We can replace the ignition on the steering column or dashboard of your vehicle. Call now for vehicle ignition repair and other automotive locksmith service.

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Cost of Ignition lock replacement

The cost to replace your ignition system varies by vehicle make and model. Part can cost as little as $50 up to hundreds of dollars. Labor for installation of the ignition can be up to a couple hours. Because the cost of part and rage of complexity based on the make of your vehicle cast can range from $100-$,000! We always recommend that you do you research and are informed. We recommend checking out for more information. But our technicians will always provide you with a quote upfront so you are aware of your cost before any work begins.